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In a disturbing report from Udayana University, research has predicted that Bali will be out of freshwater around the year 2025.  According to the research, this is caused by ground water depletion and saltwater replacing what was once freshwater, which is known as saltwater intrusion.

The main cause cited for this phenomenon is the vast and rapid development of tourism on Bali. Every day, three million liters of freshwater, or over 60% of freshwater consumption in Bali, is consumed by the tourism industry.

“One of the main causes of the increasing freshwater depletion is the tourism industry and the freshwater deficit is occurring because the demand is larger than the supply,” said the Head of Udayana University (Unud) Construction and Environment Monitoring (PPLH), Dr. I Made Sudarma, M.S., to on Wednesday.

Moreover, the greenbelt areas of Bali are becoming less because there are so many hotels, villas, and their supporting infrastructures being constructed around the island. If the exploitation continues and the green areas are lessened further, the freshwater supply will diminish and it would cause saltwater intrusion. “The area of most possible saltwater intrusion is South Denpasar, including Sanur,” he added.

“The biggest freshwater supply is in Buleleng, Karangasem, Tabanan, Gianyar, Badung, and Denpasar. The status of freshwater supply in Bali is 0.87 (which means a deficit, being less than 1). Meanwhile, the areas with freshwater deficit status are Buleleng, Gianyar, Badung, Klungkung, and Denpasar. But, based on Eco Development Monitoring Center (P2E) research on 2016, the only area with a surplus freshwater supply is Bangli,” he concluded.

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  • Jim

    Bali needs expert advice as this cannot be reversed.
    The answer is in part fresh water collection in run off tanks as Australia has been doing for 200 years.
    Get advice from Perth geological experts as the Fremantle peninsular has been experiencing the same problem for 50 years.
    This is going to be an enormous problem for Bali unless addressed immediately

    • Julien Goalabré

      We already have experts and solution. Check out IDEP Foundation website

  • Ellen Foster-Taylor

    No one listens in Bali.

  • Julien Goalabré

    The saltwater intrustion phenomena has been known for like 10 years so 2025 was yesterday!

  • Luis

    The sooner the suffering happens, the sooner the healing process will kick in: foremost the diversion of international tourist crazyness to new unspoiled and vigin destinations, e.g. Raya Empat etc
    Yes there are hardliners who r coming back to the Island, no matter how fuckt-up the place is going to be…
    Fortunately there is an increasing number of modern normades who pick and choose….
    ….once Bali, never ever Bali again…

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