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For the next three days, the Presidential Palace in Jakarta will be serving Bali coffee for visitors over Indonesia’s 72nd Independence Day celebrations. The coffee is locally grown and produced in Bali called the Mengani Kopi, and they will have a variety of servings from cappuccino, long black, espresso, iced lattes to pinonoa (Mengani Kopi’s signature coffee).

Teten Masduki, the President’s Chief of Staff, said that the idea to pour the local coffee came at the last minute. “Three weeks ago, I was in Bali and met Pak Hendarto [the owner of Mengani Kopi],” said Masduki, as quoted by Kompas. “After I saw how the farmers processed the coffee, I thought why not have local coffee at the Presidential Palace to serve state guests. The idea was approved by the President two weeks ago and here we are.”

Teten added that President Jokowi is very keen on promoting local products on the global stage. And not just Bali coffee, for upcoming occasions at the palace they will present other local products too.

The owner of Mengani Kopi, Hendarto Setyobudi, is very pleased that his coffee brand is embraced by the President. “We have prepared 200 kilograms of coffee that are going to be brewed by 13 baristas for the next three days.”

He hopes that his brand as a representative of local coffee can invigorate the Indonesian coffee market on the international level.