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Image: Celukan Bawang power plant in north Bali. Credit:

PLN Bali, the local electricity supplier, has apologised to the entire community for power outages since Thursday. Yesterday, the power was shut off during the day in some areas, and also in the evening in others, which is unprecedented.

Senior Manager of Distribution at PLN Bali, Eko Mulyo explained that the outages are occurring due to a problem with one of the Celukan Bawang generators, resulting in a decrease in power supply.

“To secure the power supply in the region, we are forced to take rotating blackouts. This is predicted to last until January 12, 2019, and we apologize for the inconvenience,” Eko told Balipost.

Related to this, Eko appealed to the public to reduce electricity consumption, especially during peak hours, which are 6pm to 10pm local time. “We request the cooperation of the whole community,” added Eko.

He said reducing electricity consumption could be done in several ways; only turning on lights needed, turning off unused electrical appliances, reducing the use of large power electronics such as irons, rice cookers, microwaves, etc.