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Image: Speed gun in action. Credit: Polda Bali – Polri

Fast drivers will have to be more careful from now on, as Denpasar police will use speed guns to nab drivers driving over the speed limit. The Head of Denpasar Polres, Commissioner Rahmawaty Ismail, told reporters yesterday that police will use the speed gun during the 2018 Zebra Operation, which began yesterday, October 30 and goes thru to November 12.

“We have already given two tickets to speeders today. The first incident was on Jalan Ida Bagus Mantra and the second was on Jalan Gatot Subroto. Both violated the speed limits,” said Rahmawaty to at Denpasar Police Headquarters, yesterday.

She also said that they had asked the related authorities to add more signs on those two roads and the speed gun will be used to calculate their speed. “We have used this tool for a long time, and we certainly will be using it during this operation,” she added.

Meanwhile, for online ojek drivers, who use their phones while driving, she said that police have already socialized the issue and asked drivers to avoid doing it in future. They will be given tickets if drivers are caught using their phone while driving, because it is considered to be dangerous.

There are three main priorities in the 2018 Zebra Operation. One is on Jalan Agung, where there are many underage drivers. “We are targeting there because there are many schools in that area,” she said. The second spot is on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai from Pesanggaran crossroads until Grand Bali Beach, Sanur. They targeted this road because there are many accidents, especially at night, because the drivers are drunk when they are driving. (Go-jek and The Beat will be launching a late-night, drunk driver service soon. Ed) And the third one is on Jalan Dewi Sri where there are many drivers parking their cars illegally. “There are many restaurants and entertainment venues and they don’t have parking areas. We will discipline them until the operation is finished,” she added.

120 personnel of Denpasar Polres Traffic Unit will be assigned for this operation. But there are possibilities that the operation will involve more Denpasar Polres personnel. “We will monitor 24 hours a day and we will do it in shifts,” she concluded.