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Image: Jalan Sunset was moving slow yesterday morning. Credit: Instagram

According to the local police, the entrances to Denpasar city were strengthened yesterday. Since the PPKM began on July 3, 2021, there were two check points around the city, but since yesterday morning there are now seven.

Head of the Denpasar Traffic Police, Commissioner Taufan Rizaldi, told Nusa Bali yesterday that initially blocks were set up at the Umanyar Post and Jalan Gunung Sanghyang near Poltabes. However, yesterday five more additional barriers were put in place, including the intersection of Jalan Gatsu Barat – Jalan Kebo Iwa, Jalan Teuku Umar Barat – Jalan Gunung Salak, Jalan Prof IB Mantra Biaung, Jalan Sunset Road – Jalan Kunti, and Jalan Tohpati.

“Bali Police, Denpasar Police, and related agencies have sealed off seven entry points into Denpasar City,” said Kompol Taufan.

He added that at these check points there will be inspections of vaccine certificates, rapid antigen certificates for residents outside Bali, as well as work assignment letters for those who work in Denpasar.

“According to the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs, the Circular Letter of the Governor of Bali, there are several sectors that run WFO (work from office) for the essential sector and all non-essential sectors WFH (work from home),” said Kompol Taufan.

If someone claims to work but cannot show a letter of assignment, they will be turned back. “We invite the public to obey the rules from the government whose aim is to suppress the transmission of Covid-19. Vehicles outside Bali, whether goods vehicles, or buses, according to the rules, must carry an antigen test letter,” said Kompol Taufan.

Meanwhile, Head of Denpasar City Transportation Agency, I Ketut Sriawan, said that people who come from outside Bali are required to self-isolate. “Don’t leave the house if you have just come from outside Bali. Stay at home at least for three days,” said Sriawan.

From what reporters observed in the field, joint officers from the TNI, Polri, and the Department of Transportation began the check points at 7am, Thursday. Vehicles with police numbers outside Bali were stopped and the drivers were asked for a vaccine certificate or negative rapid antigen test result. The same applied to freight and passenger transportation. Dozens of motorists who could not show their work certificates were also asked to turn back.

[Unconfirmed information is circulating on social media saying that the road blocks are there from 7 to 10am, and 8 to 10pm every day. Ed]