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According to Japanese press, Bali police believe an elderly Japanese couple found dead in their house last week in south Bali were murdered, citing business troubles as a possible motive.

Denpasar Police Chief Hadi Purnomo was cited in the Japan Times saying that investigators “have called in a business colleague of the man from Japan for questioning” in connection with the deaths of Norio Matsuba, 76, and his wife, Hiroko, 73.

The couple had been living on the island for about five years, after living in Bandung, the capital of West Java, for more than 10 years.

The police chief said 42 people have been questioned so far in the investigation, including the couple’s son, who flew to Bali from Tokyo, and people involved with Matsuba’s tuna exporting business.

Matsuba became a middleman for tuna exports to Japan around two years ago, according to police and sources familiar with the case.

The couple were found dead and 60% of their bodies burnt in the Jimbaran house and after an autopsy the man was found to have had puncture wounds in his back and his neck had been sliced. The woman was stabbed in the neck and stomach and was bound with a rope around her neck and wrists. No valuables were taken from their home.

A full autopsy was carried out last Friday and the results are expected to be released after two to three weeks.

The police said they have ruled out any involvement of the couple’s adopted son, an Indonesian man named Abdul Salam, who was first at the scene.