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Image: Australian tied up with hose on Jalan Sunset. Credit:

A South Australian man, Nicolas Carr, 26, was arrested by Kuta Polsek police on Saturday morning at around 5.30am in Seminyak. The man who was staying on Jalan Dhyana Pura was arrested because he appeared to go berserk and threw himself at passing vehicles on Jalan Sunset Road. The man also previously had broken a Circle K front window and broke into a local resident’s house and attacking the owner.

Caught on a mobile phone at the time of the incident and later posted on social media, the video shows first the man attacking a man on motorbike, I Wayan Wirawan, 22, who was driving along Sunset Road on his way to work. The suspect kung-fu kicked the man on the scooter as he passed, which caused him come off to a screeching halt, resulting in injuries to the motorcyclist and damage to the bike. Next, the Australian man smashed himself into oncoming traffic, hitting the windscreen of a vehicle and bouncing off, before local residents chased and subdued him.

Previously, it was learnt that the man had smashed the front window of a nearby Circle K with a stone and taken the mobile phone off a salesperson inside, then also smashed the window of the Wahaha restaurant and then entered the house of a Nyoman Purda nearby. Next, he attacked Purda and threw him off the porch of his house after he got out of bed to see what was happening. The man’s frightened family looked on as the, what appeared to be, mad-man escaped outside from the house through a window only to rampage and attack more people in a neighbouring hostel. All this was caught on CCTV footage.

Kuta Polsek officers went to the location quickly and arrested the man who was found to have many injuries on his body. Head of the Kuta Polsek, I Putu Ika Prabawa, said on Sunday that the man is facing charges of vandalism and public disorder or Articles 351 and 406 of Criminal Code and could be sentenced up to 8 months in jail.

Prabawa also said that the man was immediately named a suspect after he was treated at Siloam Hospital, Sunset Road, Kuta. “The doctor who treated him said that he was drunk. After the doctor finished the treatment, we arrested him. His act has caused danger on the streets and to innocent people,” he said to

The Australian press this morning were quoting the man saying that he had little recollection of the incident and that such an act was totally out of character.

Speaking at the Kuta police station, a bandaged and injured Carr said he had not taken any drugs and that he remembered “very little” of the night’s events apart from crashing the scooter.

“I was very drunk and I apologise. I don’t remember anything at all. I just want to apologise to everyone, the victims, the Bali people, to anyone affected by this at all. I have been blind drunk before, but nothing like this,” he told nine news this morning.

Police said during their questioning he had admitted to drinking more than 20 small vodka mix bottles and cocktails during the night and Carr has said he is willing to pay compensation to all the victims of his behaviour.

Kuta Police Chief, Teuku Ricki Fadlianshah was quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald on Monday that the case against the Australian man would continue “even if he and all the victims reached a settlement”.

The police chief said, the events of Friday night began in Seminyak when Carr took a scooter.

“We are still investigating whether he took a parked scooter or hijacked it from someone driving. From there he used the scooter and crashed it and started the rampage and ended up in Sunset Road, Seminyak, where he was apprehended by locals,” he said.

“He was taken to Sanglah hospital to see if he suffered mental problems after he was treated for his wounds at Siloam hospital. According to the Sanglah hospital he doesn’t have any mental problems, he was just very drunk.”

Meanwhile, according to 7News, the 26-year-old was on the first day of a 10 day trip. He apparently was downing drinks in his hotel room, then at Potato Head and Red Ruby before the incident.