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A woman pretending to be a doctor managed to swindle an elderly couple and elderly man out of millions of Rupiah.

By wearing a doctor’s uniform and using a doctor’s name, Dr Bella, Ni M.K., 30, was able to fool her victims.

The online clothes retailer managed to deceive a couple, Ni W.L., 66, and I M.R., 72, who lived off Jl. Imon Bonjol in West Denpasar, but police arrested the woman at her victim’s house on Monday.

“She asked the couple for Rp 5 million for each medication, and bought medication four times, so the total payment was Rp 20 million. The woman is suffering breast cancer,” said the Head of West Denpasar Polsek, Commissioner Gede Sumena on Tuesday.

Police Commissioner Sumena said that the suspect had carried out the crime since December 2017 and she claimed to be a surgeon at Sanglah Hospital. She and the victim met on a street and had a conversation. “After they talked for a while, the victim told the younger woman about her breast cancer, and then the suspect claimed to be a doctor and said she could cure her cancer,” he said.

The suspect came to the victim’s house later and injected her with a drug. “The syringe and drug were bought at a local pharmacy and we are still investigating the liquid she used in the syringe,” he said.

When the victim’s son felt that there was no improvement from the medication, he became suspicious and checked Sanglah Hospital. It was found then that there was no Surgeon Dr. Bella at the hospital.

“The victim and her family reported the woman to police. Then the suspect was baited to come to the victim’s house, and when she arrived police arrested her,” he said to

The other victim, W.A., a retired high school administration officer, said he was deceived by the suspect until losing Rp 180 million.

“She said that she could find a spot for my grandson in the medical school at the hospital. I think she used a talisman. How could I not be suspicious and just believe that there was a medical school at the hospital? But I believed it and borrowed money everywhere to give to her,” said W.A., who also stays off Jalan Imam Bonjol, Denpasar.

The suspect also said that she had two big houses and four cars. W.A. said that he went to her boarding house asking for his money. “But the suspect was furious. She took a knife in the kitchen and threatened to kill herself. I didn’t want anything bad to happen and just went home,” he said.

W.A. also said that he already reported the case to West Denpasar Police. “She also accused me of stealing her mobile phone. After I called police, the mobile phone was found at her boarding house room,” W.A. said.

Relating to Anton’s report, Commissioner Sumena said that his side was still investigating the case.