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Image: Money stolen hidden under the clothes in a villa bedroom. Credit:

Tabanan police officers arrested a man, initialed A.M. a.k.a. Mudi, suspected of stealing money from a foreign tourist, Martine Cocheline Lemaire, who was staying in a villa in Nyambu Village, Tabanan.

“We arrested him after we investigated the case based on the victim’s report,” said the Head of Tabanan Polres, Commissioner I Made Sinar Subawa, to on Thursday.

According to statements, the victim went with her husband to a temple on the invitation from local residents on September 14, 2019 at around 6pm.

They decided to leave their belongings in their bedroom wardrobe, including two envelopes containing money, which were put under a pile of clothes. They left the bedroom door unlocked. Then, the next day, at around 10.30am, a villa employee came to her wanting to borrow money. When she went to take the money, she found the money she put under the clothes had gone. She claimed to have lost 2,500 Euros and Rp 12 million.

After investigating the case, they found and arrested the suspect in Sanur. Mudi was secured with a Yamaha N-Max, 74 Euros and Rp 9.4 million.

When questioned, the suspect admitted that he had stolen the money at Joglo Villa. “The suspect was one of the villa employees. He took the money when he was cleaning the victim’s room,” AKBP Sinar Subawa added.

The suspect is looking at a sentence of up to five years.