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Bali Polda Criminal Investigation Unit Sub-directorate arrested a group of four thieves who stole goods from several villas in Bali. The suspects, all came from Lombok, and apparently used a blue Opel Blazer during their criminal activities on the island.

The case began when a villa burglary at Melati Villa in Cemagi, Mengwi, was reported at around 2am on March 2, 2019. Mengwi Polsek and Bali Polda Sub Unit IV of Criminal Investigation, led by Commissioner Tri Joko Widiyanto joined forces to investigate the case.

After some time investigating the case, police managed to arrest T.H. at his home in Mambal, Abiansemal on Thursday (27/6). They questioned him and found out that the suspect robbed the villa with several accomplices. Police found gold jewelry in the river behind the suspect’s home which was taken as evidence. “The stolen money from the villa had been divided up amongst the men and a smartphone had been sold in East Lombok,” said a source to on Sunday.

Police pursued the other suspects and arrested Z.A., who appears to be the mastermind of the crime, in his house on Dusun Butuk, Kalianyar Village, Terara, East Lombok, on Friday (28/6). Other suspects were also arrested; H.S. in Denpasar, and N.U.R. in Tabanan.

“Z.A. was the mastermind of the crime, while HS provided the car and drove the other two suspects to the crime scene. NUR showed the location,” he added.

When they were interrogated, the suspects admitted that they had burgled villas at several locations, such as Melati Villa and Tepi Sawah Villa in Cemagi on March 2, 2019, and Casadenailla Villa, also in Cemagi on May 5, 2019, a villa on Banjar Bebengan Tangeb on May 9, 2019, and other houses on May 11, 2019.

The police secured more evidence, such as various smartphones, shorts, backpacks, the blue Opel Blazer, a crowbar, a knife and a mask.

“The modus of the crimes was climbing walls and breaking in through the victim doors or windows,” the source concluded.