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Image: BNI ATM at Jalan Gunung Soputan. Credit: Google Maps.

Bali police arrested another Bulgarian ATM skimmer, VKB, 48, on Sunday at around 7am. VKB was arrested after the police suspected that he skimmed an ATM machine two days before.

The Head of Bali Polda Public Relations, Commissioner Hengky Widjaja, said in a press release on Sunday that VKB used a blank credit card to carry out his alleged skimming operation. The card contained a bank customer’s data, which was taken previously from unsuspecting ATM users, and used to draw money out from the ATM.

Polda Bali police started on the case after they received a report from BNI that there was someone withdrawing money suspiciously from their ATM at Jalan Gunung Soputan petrol station, West Denpasar, on March 15, 2019. The man’s motorbike and number plate were caught on CCTV footage.

“He withdrew five times to a total of Rp 10 million at 6am,” said Hengky in the press release.

Police then monitored the same ATM from around 6am the next day, March 16, 2019, but the suspect didn’t come to the ATM. On March 17, 2019, at around 6.15am, police saw a foreigner riding a Yamaha Lexy with the same number plate stop at the ATM. However, he cancelled his intention to withdraw money because there was a queue at the ATM.

When police tried to stop him leaving, he escaped with his motorcycle.

“The suspect sped off on his motorcycle towards Jalan Nakula, but he hit another motorbike and came off. Our officers arrested him when he tried to run off on foot,” Hengky added.

Police found incriminating evidence including a large amount of local and foreign cash, 10 blank ATM cards, a camera, three smartphones, two laptops and a hard disk at the man’s home.

The investigation continues.