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Image: Beaches are closed to the public today. Berawa Beach. Credit: Seminyak Times.

Today, the day after Nyepi (Ngembak Geni), Balinese people usually visit family and other touristic attractions including popular beaches to celebrate the start of the Balinese New Year. But for this year’s Ngembak Geni celebration, Bali Governor Wayan Koster has appealed to residents to remain at home.

Following up on the appeal, Badung Regional Police are checking a number of markets and have appealed to the community to remain at home. “Right now I am checking the Kresek, Mengwitani markets. There were several traders open for trade, we appealed to them to rest today, they can go about their usual business tomorrow. This is in order for people do not gather much, both in markets and so on. Please stay at home, “said Chief of Badung Police Ops, Commissioner Wayan Suana, Thursday (3/26).

Commissioner Suana said that police were on standby at the Mapolres (Police HQ), but some members were mobilized in the field to check the markets and stores were closed.

“We appeal to the public if possible today do not activate their businesses once again (after the Nyepi day of silence). Let’s be at our homes to help halt the spread of the Corona virus,” he added.

Traffic flowing normally around town again

What about tourist attractions? “I have already conveyed in the video conference which came directly from the police, none are open to the public today. Attractions and beaches are all closed,” said Kompol Suana.

He said they was trying to make the point of avoiding public meeting places. Especially with Ngembak Geni (the holiday that falls today and most locals are normally out and about visiting family and friends. Ed).

After one of their busiest days on record, the day before Nyepi, Frestive is closed.

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  • peter pan

    Mr. Governor, why just suggesting? Make it a MUST and not just for,1 or 2 days.

  • BaliRob

    Why not tell us about this planned EXTRA DAY beforehand instead of so many suffering acute embarrassment walking to the shops and my girlfriend being told she cannot continue with her journey to see me by Pecalan. Like always – communcation is not an art studdied by Indonesians

  • BaliRob

    Errata – I can spell STUDIED my Diabetic blurred eyesight maaf

  • John Deerham

    Typical weak and unclear Indo decision, made by a weak government, who thinks more about the economics than about the general and public welfare! You should have closed the island for a longer period of time. The virus is widely among us in the world en certainly in Bali as well, just not with the rather low numbers that the government wants us to believe but multiplied by a very much higher rate.

  • Andy

    If you don’t lock down for 60 days, we will all die….I have a few paddle boats to hire if you feel desperate

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