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Image: PLTU Celukan Bawang. Credit: Google- Fajar Isnaini.

One section of Celukan Bawang power station is being repaired and because of that, the PLN Bali Distribution Unit (UID) has invited all Balinese people to save electricity, especially during the peak hours of 6–10pm.

Bali PLN UID General Manager, Nyoman Suwarjoni Astawa said that the repairs were made to improve the performance of the generator so that in the future it could provide better service to customers.

“The plan to repair one generator unit at the Celukan Bawang PLTU will be carried out on February 18-19, 2019. We promise that the power supply will return to normal on February 20, 2019,” he said.

PLN UID Bali noted that currently the power capacity of the electricity system in Bali is 782.6 MW, with predicted peak loads estimated at 856 MW. Regarding the repairs, Astawa explained to Bali Post that there will be a decrease in power of 125 MW.

“Due to these conditions, we apologize for the inconvenience, we also hope for cooperation from the entire community to save energy while the plant repairs are being carried out,” he added.