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Image: Traffic jams increase near the airport. Credit: ST

DESPITE reports to the contrary yesterday, the Tugu Ngurah Rai roundabout, where the new airport underpass is being constructed, is now open to the north side, letting traffic flow direct from the airport to the Bali Mandara Toll and By Pass Road, thus making an easier exit from the airport for people heading to Nusa Dua and Uluwatu.

However, our man on the ground, Paolo Doldi, who does the trip most mornings to his workplace near Uluwatu, told ST this morning that traffic is now blocked to the airport from the south side of the roundabout, sending traffic all the way to Kedonganan before they can U-turn back to the airport. The ensuing traffic chaos could be intense.

All traffic from the By Pass heading from the north of town or the toll road from Nusa Dua, Denpasar and Sanur will be doing a U-turn in Kedonganan to get back to the airport. This could lead to some major traffic headaches in the area this week.

Any more observations today, please let us know in the comments.

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  • Iluh Santi

    not a day goes by without me seeing something stupid.. never a dull moment, I love it!

  • Stephan

    Hi…I went to the Airport at 1100 hrs this Morning coming from Dewa Rucci = no issue going through the roundabout towards the Airport….they only moved the road surface a few meters further South…but surely didnt have to go up to Kedongangan (and I also sure hope that it stays that way..hehe)

  • Paolo Doldi

    so they did change again… 9 was closed…..

  • Glenn Westhoff

    Latifa Bay Westhoff

  • Ian Johansson

    Thanks for keeping us posted, Paolo. It seems as planning and advance notice is a near impossibility in this country so it’s good to know the situation from people on the ground.

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