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Image: Streets flooded. Kunti. Credit: Murdani Usman

After a seven hour down pour last night (Monday, 22/1), many parts of southern Bali were experiencing floods including private homes, schools and even the basement garage of the Denpasar Parliament building.

A landslide this morning in Baturiti took the lives of a husband and wife, fruit pickers Mistari (43) and Murniati (41) from Probolinggo at 8am.

Jalan Nakula was awash too with water breaking the banks of the nearby river and flooding all the way to Sunset Road, with Hammerhead gym basement parking also being flooded.

Videos: Streets flooded. Nakula. Credit: Risma H. 


The rain has stopped since early morning but damage is still being cleared up all over town.

This year’s wet season has been intense with almost non-stop rain and some long term residents calling it the wettest season in recent hashtag-able history.

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  • Neil Carl Hempsey

    A testament to the poor judgments made when handing out road and drainage contracts, without using civil engineers as consultants. What a waste of money

  • Stuart Beat

    And looks like it’s on the way back again

  • Kent Taylz

    Sarah Taylor left just in time

  • Deanne McNamara

    Vicki McEvoy wow

  • Elissa Wixon

    Dom Wixon

  • Ian Johansson

    Yep! Tangkuban Perahu closed by the jail as the river overflows.

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