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Operation Zebra Agung 2017 began today which means Denpasar police will be setting up road blocks and more road surveillance over the next 14 days in the Denpasar and Badung areas.

In addition to bad parking on the side of the road, police will also be targeting students or young people who are driving vehicles without a license.

Denpasar Police Commissioner Rahmawaty Ismail said over 150 personnel from Police Headquarters Denpasar are being deployed in Operation Zebra Agung.

The operation is to ensure law enforcement and to raise awareness and compliance to the traffic laws of the community.

The operation will focus on clearing the shoulder segment of main roads, which are often used for parking cars carelessly by irresponsible motorists.

Not only that, students or minors who do not have a driver’s license will also be singled out as part of the operation.

“We hope parents and the schools will help us with this matter, and to keep those kids off the streets,” said Rahmawaty Ismail to Tribun Bali, Wednesday (1/10).

With the implementation of Operation Zebra Agung 2017, it is hoped there will be an increase in public road discipline, a reduction in traffic violations, accidents and a decrease in road fatalities.

“And we hope for smoothness and traffic order ahead of the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations,” he said.

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