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The Chief of Bali Religious Harmony Forum (FKUB), Ida Pangelingsir Agung Putra Sukahet, said that the forum will continue to advise the government to turn off the Internet every Nyepi.  “The Internet network shut down is definitely for good,” he said when contacted by on Tuesday.

He continued that the internet network shut down, especially for social media, with an exception for vital and strategic places, is useful to celebrate Nyepi. The celebration becomes more valuable, more silent, and more sacred. “The Nyepi celebration was very good, silent, sacred, secure and peaceful,” he said. According to his opinion, there was no serious issue or incident that happened during the Nyepi year Saka 1940 celebration.

“We need to thank all of the religious people and religious councils, and definitely the government, in this case the Ministry of Communication and Information, and all of the Internet service providers that followed our suggestion, which became a joint approval,” he said.

(It was noted that not all service providers managed to turn off their services on the day. There is no word on what punishment if any has been meted. In my case, I’m happy to not see silly people doing selfies on empty streets. Ed)

Meanwhile, the Head of Bali Province Communication and Information (Kominfo) Department, I Nyoman Sujaya, said that they will turn off the Internet if there is a suggestion from FKUB. “Yes, it depends on them. We will be ready,” he said when he was contacted by phone.



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  • Paolo Bali

    did they tell him the internet shut down was an epic failure???

  • Lainie Reynolds

    Me had

  • Marsh Nick

    I had but only in the morning

  • Gerard


  • Ian Johansson

    If I learnt anything from my years in Indonesia is that nothing here is permanent and everything may change, improve or fail at any moment! I was looking forward to Trump free day but our internet worked without a glitch!
    To our man with the pen I’d say: ok, let’s cross that bridge when we get there!

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