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Nyepi – the day of silence – is coming soon. The town starts slowing down on Saturday afternoon (13/3) as people begin to go home and prepare. Normally there would be raucous Ogoh-Ogoh parades on the streets the night before Nyepi but not this year, due to Covid restrictions. The island will close down totally at 6am Sunday (14/3) until 6am Monday (15/3) morning.

Meanwhile, the Bali provincial government has announced three Nyepi policies.

  1. Home Internet Remains On, IPTV and Cellular Data Off

The government says that the internet network will remain on in homes and emergency services, but cellular data and IPTV will be turned off.

“Internet in homes, in hospitals and other vital places will still be on as usual. Only those on cellphones are dead. SMS and calls can still be made. Computers, laptops, and cellphones, if connected to Wi-Fi at home, can still be used as normal,” said the Head of the Bali Province Information and Information Communication Agency (Diskominfos) Gede Pramana said on the Pemprov Bali facebook page.

  1. TV and Radio Stations Asked Not to Broadcast

The government has ordered all TV and radio stations on the island not to broadcast on Nyepi Day.

  1. Transportation is not permitted to operate

Transportation services are not allowed to operate. This rule applies to land, air and sea transportation.

“All travel services will not be allowed to operate for 24 hours, including the airport,” Pramana explained.

You also need to keep the lights off or to a minimum at night and noise subdued for the whole period.

So, take a break friends, Nyepi is a special day on the island and be grateful you are here to appreciate it. Use the time for self-reflection and meditation (if you practice), go on a 24 hour fast, or relax by the pool, but above all, enjoy the silence. Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi.