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The Nusa Dua tourist area (ITDC) is totally booked out and will be closed to the public during the IMF-WB Annual Meeting, which will be held from October 8-14, 2018.

According to Nusa Bali, all 5,300 hotel rooms in Nusa Dua have been booked for IMF-WB delegates. The ITDC President Director, Abdulbar M Mansoer, said that because all hotel rooms in the Nusa Dua area have been booked by delegates during the IMF-WB Annual Meeting, there will be no other guests in the area during the event, which will be attended by 15,000 more delegates from the 189 countries.

He added that this is a larger event than APEC 2013 event when the number of hotel rooms reached 4,900 units. The additional rooms have come from new hotels including the Shangrila Hotel, which will soon be open.

“In total there are 15 hotels with 5,300 rooms in the Nusa Dua area prepared for IMF-WB delegates. All rooms are full and booked for a longer time than just the meeting,” Mansoer said while attending the inauguration of the Command Center in Nusa Dua, Saturday (9/15).

“It is estimated that delegations will start arriving 3 days before the IMF-WB Annual Meeting begins. Those who stay at ITDC are delegates,” he added.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairperson of Bali Tourism Authority (PHRI BPD), I Gusti Ngurah Rai Surya Wijaya, said that around 60,000 hotel rooms and villas in Bali are ready to accommodate non-IMF-WB delegates. The hotels and villas are mostly located in Badung and Denpasar City.

According to Surya Wijaya, the number of hotel rooms in Bali is around 125,000 units. Of these, 70 percent are in Badung.

Surya Wijaya has called on hotel managements and other related parties to provide a satisfying service to all IMF-WB delegates. “Because this concerns the image and economy of Bali for now and the future,” he said.

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  • Bernard van Elmpt

    If they should show the poor parts of Bali, the bad roads and where really money is needed, then it could help Bali in the future, but if you keep them only in Nusa Dua in 5 star hotels and good roads, all IMF members will only sea the ridge part of Bali and think Bali doesn’t need any money.
    This is already like this, in the rest of the world they see Bali as luxury.
    It’s very difficult to get help from outside if people think like this.
    Last meeting APEC what did it helped Bali.
    The only ones that benefit from this are the ridge and powerful.
    Yayasan Sahaja Sawah Foundation

  • Douglas McPherson

    Totally agree with your comment.

    • Paul

      Absolutely agree with your comment Bernard.
      Most unfortunately, the great majority of tourists only see the tourist strip from Canggu down through to Kuta.
      These IMF guests should be taken through the areas of Karangasem Regency and further north to see just how difficult the Balinese and Indonesian people are doing it very hard with over 10,000 still in Evacuation Centres as a result of Gunung Agung (Mount Agung) eruptions in 2017.
      The IMF may see some of the “real Bali” rather than the glossy, glitzy side of the Island, and consider adding a lot more money to the Islands infrastructure programs.

  • Bob

    All these IMF punters are on FAT Expense accounts and they are only in Bali on a Jolly,.. they don’t care what Bali looks like outside of Nusa Dua,.. if they did they they would go spend time there,.. the whole conference is just a farce and the only one who benefit are the hotel owners, the hangers on and the IMF Delegates who get huge salaries and benefits and 5 star luxury travel… they could not justify their existence if their life depended on it…

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