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International flights departing from Ngurah Rai Airport have seen a decrease of about 10,82 percent from 2,569 flights in January 2017 to 2,291 in February.

“Passengers were also down 10,44 percent from 469,137 people in January to 420,148 in February,” said Adi Nugroho, The Head of Center for Statistics, on Wednesday (05/04), as quoted by Republika.

As you would expect the international flights were full of foreign tourists and Pak Nugroho assumed that the fact that February only has 28 days accounted for the decline (and doesn’t mention that Feb is normally low season. Ed).

In relation to arrivals, in total there were 453,985 foreign tourist arrivals in February 2017 arriving to the airport (447,762) and the harbor (6,223), which is actually an increase of about 20,82 percent compared to the same time period last year.

Flights departing from Bali were dominated by Australia with 502 flights carrying 90,062 passengers; followed by Singapore with 428 flights (70,605 passengers); China with 415 flights (70,188 passengers); Malaysia with 317 flights (46,604 passengers); and Hong Kong with 124 flights (32,611 passengers).

Those are trailed by Thailand with 75 flights (14,118 passengers); South Korea with 68 flights (16,518 passengers); Japan with 59 flights (14,586 passengers); Qatar with 56 flights (16,767 passengers); and Taiwan with 56 flights (14,874 passengers).

Nugroho further revealed that there were 3,059 domestic flights at Ngurah Rai, down 13,29 percent from the previous month which amounted to 3,528.