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The Ministry of Communications and Information (Kominfo) is ready to approve point number four of the joint letter of intent signed by the Indonesian Dharma Hindu Parisada (PHDI) and a group of Bali government officials related to Nyepi.

Point four states that the cellular service providers have to turn off the mobile data (Internet) service starting from Saturday, March 17, on 6am until Sunday, March 18, at the same time.

“The Ministry and the providers can fulfill point number 4 of the suggestion completely,” said the Head of Bali Province Communication, Information, and Statistic (Kominfos) Agency, Nyoman Sujaya, was confirmed by via mobile phone from Jakarta on Monday.

According to Sujaya, the Internet network that will be turned off is only the one for smartphones/ mobile phones. Meanwhile, strategic services like security, hospitals, airport, and mitigation will be active like normal days.

“All of the cellular operators attended the meeting held yesterday in Jakarta and all of them have stated that they are ready to fulfill point number four of the letter. The PHDI and FKUB also attended the meeting,” he added.

Sujaya also said that Kominfo has sent the official letters to the operators. Although the Internet will be turned off, phone and SMS services still can be used. “Phone and SMS still can be used, we only turn off the Internet,” he said.

Previously, the Head of Bali PHDI, I Gusti Ngurah Sudiana, asked Bali citizens that they don’t have to be anxious nor angry, because the suggestion was made to give a positive impact to Hindu people that will celebrate Nyepi in Bali.

“There is a lot of entertainment on the Internet, however entertainment is not allowed on Nyepi. But there are many citizens that were offended and even threatened the Chief of Parisada, but it’s still normal,” he said.

According to Sudiana, the letter of intent has been delivered to Kominfo. If the cellular service operators or providers can fulfill the suggestion, it would be great. But, if they cannot fulfill it, there will be a sanction waiting them. His side hoped that cellular service provider can understand the meaning of Nyepi to be carried out in a quiet condition.

He also added that on Nyepi, communication with God doesn’t need any intermediaries. It simply brings together thoughts, words and deeds.