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Photo: A photo of the pristine Klungkung Beach. Credit:

The construction of a glass viewing platform and lift with a height of 182 meters at Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida, Klungkung Regency, Bali, has drawn a strong reaction from a number of netizens on Instagram recently.

Through comments uploaded to the Instagram account @jktgo which shows a mock-up of the glass elevator at Kelingking Beach on Monday (24/7/2023), some people considered that the construction of the elevator could damage the natural surroundings.

“Disagree. Hope this is cancelled. Not cool at all,” wrote the @backpacker account in the comments.

@livia account, also said it would “destroy nature, make the view ugly, lots of backlashes and tourists are also supporting. How much do you pay?”

Responding to the negative reaction from netizens on Instagram, the Head of the Bali Province Tourism Office (Kadispar) Tjok Bagus Pemayun told his party had coordinated with the Klungkung Regency Tourism Office.

This coordination is so that the construction of a glass viewing platform and lift at Kelingking Beach goes according to procedures and does not damage the environment.

“We ask that this development complies completely with regulations and that the project can have a positive impact on tourism in Nusa Penida,” explained Tjok Bagus in a press conference at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Monday.

He hopes that when the glass elevator and lift at Kelingking Beach is finished, it will provide security and safety for all tourists.

“Hopefully the supervision of this development can be tighter so that it doesn’t have an extraordinary impact on security in Bali, and Bali’s image is not disturbed by this development,” he added.

Meanwhile, The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno reminded that the sustainability, cleanliness and health aspects in addition to the safety factor to always be overseen by the Head of the Bali Tourism and Tourism Office.

“We leave it to the Kadis and staff there so that all aspects of environmental sustainability, safety, hygiene, health, all of these aspects are taken care of because we rely heavily on Bali for the 8.5 million foreign tourist visits,” Sandi said at the press conference.

The groundbreaking for the development already took place in early July 2023. As stated in a previous article on the 182-meter glass elevator at Kelingking Beach would be used to help tourists climb up and down the cliff.

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