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The Badung government’s pledge to build a free WiFi network earlier this year looks set to roll out soon. There will be 988 WiFi spots in the Badung area, which are being installed in strategic places such as schools, health centers, village offices, government offices and tourism destination areas.

The Head of Badung Communication and Informatics Department, I Wayan Weda Dharmaja, said that the bandwidth capacities for those places has also been set. Schools and health centers will have 15 Mbps, meanwhile the village offices will have 30 Mbps and the sub district offices will have 60 Mbps. “But the bandwidth capacities plan is not fixed. We will evaluate the requirements and adjust them, because the requirements in Kuta will surely be different than the requirements of Petang,” he said to on Tuesday.

He also said that the budget for the free WiFi program is Rp 12 billion per month and when asked about the completion date, he said that they hoped it to be as soon as possible.

“I hope we can launch it at the Mangupura anniversary during November,” he added. The government purpose-built Mangapura area became the Badung capital on November 16, 2009.

Weda Dharmaja also said that they will install the Wifi in tourist areas such as Kuta through to Seminyak beaches, Pandawa Beach, Uluwatu, Sangeh, and Tukad Bangkung Bridge. “We will start with 13 places and we will keep adding to it,” he said.

“This WiFi program is a commitment from the government to make what they call ‘Badung Smart City’ a reality,” he added.