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Image: More Bali dams coming soon. Credit: Yusnizam-Yusof.

The construction of the Sidan Dam which will stand at the border of three regencies: Badung, Bangli, and Gianyar was officially inaugurated this morning (Thursday, April 4), with a ground breaking ceremony by Bali Governor Wayan Koster. The dam project, which is worth Rp 786.32 billion, is targeted for completion in 2021.

The Sidan Dam, which is a strategic project of the central government, is being built on an area of ​​82.73 hectares in five neighboring villages in three districts in Bali.

The Head of Public Works (Kasatker), I Gusti Putu Wandira, told NusaBali the release of the dam land was still in process. According to IGP Wandira, the issue of land prices is being included in the price assessment of the Appraisal Team (independent price estimator team). “The Appraisal team is still working on it. Later, after the price of the unit is agreed upon, we will socialize it back to the community,” said Wandira.

Although the land acquisition is still in progress, Wandira said, the local community had given permission to work on the Sidan Dam, specifically to open the road access, making it easier for heavy equipment to reach the location. The access road has a length of three kilometers, with a width of seven meters and was started in November 2018.

The physical building of the Sidan Dam and its supporting facilities are designed with an area of ​​around 42.36 hectares. The height of the Sidan Dam will reach around 68 meters.

The Sidan Dam project which is located in the northwest of the ‘Highest Bridge of Asia’ Tukad Bangkung is targeted to be completed in 2021. Later, the Sidan Dam is estimated to hold a volume of 3.8 million cubic meters, with the water flowing into the dam sourced from the Ayung River.

According to the Head of Bali Penida BWS, Airlangga Mardjono, Sidan Dam is projected to be able to supply raw water with a discharge of 1,750 liters per second to the Badung, Tabanan, Gianyar, and Denpasar areas. Not only supplying raw water, Sidan Dam water can also irrigate rice fields in a number of districts.

In addition, the Sidan Dam is also a potential source of hydroelectric power, capable of producing 1.1 MW of electricity. It is also expected that the Sidan Dam will become a tourist attraction.

In addition to the Sidan Dam, another project, Tamblang Dam is being built simultaneously in the East Buleleng area. This Rp 700 billion dam project is targeted for completion in 2022 and is being built on an area of ​​58.79 hectares in four neighboring villages of the Kubutambahan and Sawan districts, Buleleng. The dam will hold up to 7 million cubic meters of water.