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Mount Agung, and the observation post at Rendang nearby, have now become a popular tourist destination.

“I was interested in doing this trip while I am vacationing in Bali,” German tourist Thomas Picht told Antara in Rendang Village, Karangasem regency, earlier today.

Thomas claimed not to be overly concerned with the alert status of the volcano and the bespectacled man came to the monitoring post accompanied by his driver and captured images of the green landscape of the hills with his cell phone camera – while Mount Agung remained covered in clouds.

He came from the tourist area of ​​Sanur.

Even though the view of Mount Agung wasn’t so clear, Thomas admitted being quite satisfied because the experience, he said, has now become part of the history of his life amid the volcanic alert status.

The monitoring station in Rendang village which is located 535 meters above sea level is one of the more suitable locations to enjoy an entire view of the cone-shaped mountain.

From this post, people can enjoy direct views of the mountain at a safe distance of about 12 kilometers.

Meanwhile, it was reported by Kompas that tourists continue to arrive at Bali International airport in the same numbers as usual with few cancellations reported from airlines or hotels.

The Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) mentioned from observations until 12 midday (the article didn’t mention from when), white colored smoke was still visible from the crater reaching a height of approx. 50 metres.

The number of shallow volcanic earthquakes was counted at 89, volcanic earthquakes 120 times and local tectonic tremors only 14 times.

PVMBG recommends the community around Gunung Agung, climbers or tourists not to stay, climb nor carry out any activities in the Hazard Zone within the volcano area and in all areas within a radius of nine kilometers from the summit of Mount Agung.

Added sectoral expansion to the north-northeast and southeast-south-southwest for 12 kilometers.

The dangers are dynamic and continuously evaluated, and they can change at any time.

Image: @ATHRON last Saturday afternoon