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Image: Padanggalak Beach and last night’s luna eclipse.

Misfortune befell a family yesterday on Padanggalak Beach, Sanur. A mother and daughter named as Ida Ayu Rupini (50) and Ida Ayu Indah Wedaswari (23) were about to start a full moon purification ceremony (melukat) at the Campuan Segara Temple on Padanggalak Beach, Wednesday (26/5), when they were swept out to sea by a strong river current where they both drowned.

According to reports, the dead woman named Ida Ayu Rupini, who was a retired teacher, lived with her husband and daughter on Jalan Turi, East Denpasar.

A number of witnesses questioned by the police said that the two parents and adult daughter came to the Campuan Segara Temple at around 11.45am and were there to perform the ceremony at the mouth of the Padanggalak Beach river, Sanur.

“The mother and child were crossing the river mouth, while her husband was waiting by the river,” said one of the witnesses to who was fishing, Kadek Dana (47).

However, suddenly the two women were swept away by the river current.

Seeing his wife and child being swept away, the husband immediately jumped into the river to help them.

However, because the river was flowing very swift, the husband was also swept away, luckily being able to save himself by holding a rock on the river wall. The husband then yelled for help from residents around the beach.

About 20 minutes later, the two victims who were found adrift near the shore further along the beach as the current came back towards the beach. They were brought back onto the beach and given help.

Another witness, I Made Widanta, said that the two victims were found in the water near the beach and taken to a beachside hut to be assisted. The victim still had a pulse but was weak (the source article didn’t say which person). BPBD officers arrived after to provide assistance.

“Unfortunately, the victim was declared dead and then taken to Dharma Yadnya Hospital,” the witness said.