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Karangasem district was hit by a tectonic earthquake this morning, Thursday (9/11) at around 5.54am.

Head of Mataram Geophysics Station said, based on BMKG information, there was a magnitude 5.0 RS earthquake with the epicenter coordinates at 8.3 LS and 115.55 BT, or precisely located on land at a distance of 5km south of Kubu, Karangasem regency at a depth of 10 km.

“The impact of the earthquake is not only felt by people from Denpasar to Karangasem, but also in Mataram, Lombok,” Agus told Repubika in Mataram, NTB, earlier today.

Agus added, that the earthquake was a shallow earthquake due to local fault activity. This is in accordance with the BMKG analysis results indicating that the earthquake was generated by what is called a strike-slip fault.

“The earthquake was felt by many people around the island. However, there was no potential tsunami,” continued Agus.

Also according to Agus, up to 7am the BMKG had monitored four aftershocks.

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