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A woman from Ciamis, West Java, was hypnotized by two men after she was shown two small golden urns with red jade inside them. As a result, the two criminals were able to withdraw money from an ATM using her bank card.

“The incident happened when the victim was shopping at a shopping center on Sunset Road, Kuta, on June 2 around noon,” said Kuta Police chief, Wayan Sumara, yesterday.

As reported by Detik, the woman was approached by two men, who then engaged her in a conversation at one of the restaurants at the shopping center. “They were pretending to ask where they can find a store that sells heirloom items.”

They showed her two small urns containing red jade. The women curisouly then asked whether the items possess magical powers. “The perpetrator said that the two urns can bring good luck in terms of fortune and finding a soul mate” noted Sumara.

Afterward, when they asked for the victim’s ATM card and PIN number, she gave them without hesitation. They then left after withdrawing money from her account.

“The victim just started to realize what had happened after she arrived home. Her ATM card was gone, and when she checked, there was IDR 4.650.000 missing. She immediately reported the incident to Kuta police.”

On August 7th, the police were finally able to track down and arrest the two criminals at Pulau Bali Hotel,  West Denpasar. They also arrested two other men, thought to have been the perpetrators’ accomplices.

“They confessed that they have committed the crime three times. The four of them will be charged with Article 378 and 363 of the Criminal Code with four years prison sentence.”

From the perpetrators, the police confiscated a Toyota Avanza Silver with plate number L 1613 BH, six Telkomsel cards, seven ATM cards from different banks, IDR500k cash money, and the two urns.