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Image: Money Stolen from Credit Card. Credit: ST.

North Kuta Polsek arrested a crooked money changer and one other man over money stolen from a credit card.

N.W., 28, and his colleague, M.J., 45, were arrested at their workplace on Jalan Laksmana, Banjar Taman, Kerobokan Kelod on Friday after they allegedly took money from the credit card belonging to an Australian man, Stephen Anderson, 61.

The Head of North Kuta Polsek, Commissioner Johannes Nainggolan said that the incident began when the victim made a transaction with his credit card at the said money changer. Shortly after he returned to his hotel in the Seminyak area, he received a notification on his smartphone from his bank saying that there had been a new transaction from his credit card.

“When he checked his wallet he saw the card was missing,” said Nainggolan at a press conference at North Kuta Polsek Headquarters on Sunday.

After the police received the report, they visited the money changer on Jalan Laksmana better known as ‘Eats Street’. They detained the owner of the money changer, N.W., and questioned him. At first, the man, who lives in South Denpasar, did not admit any crime and only admitted it after police showed him the evidence.

“The suspect admitted spying the victim while he keyed in the PIN number at the money changer office, then stole the card,” he said.

After interrogating W, the police arrested M.J. at his home in Kepaon, Denpasar. M.J. was one of the two men who N.W. called to take the money from the stolen credit card. The other man was a foreigner who police are still pursuing.

“The debit card was used at an ATM and a Polo clothing store on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai. They bought many clothes and paid for them with the stolen credit card. The foreigner gave Rp 6 million to both of the suspects,” the police chief concluded. The police secured Rp 5.9 million as evidence.