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While the results haven’t been officially released, based on several survey agencies’ quick counts after the recent Jakarta Gubernatorial Election, Anies Rasyid Baswedan – Sandiaga Salahudin Uno lead incumbent Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (or Ahok) – Djarot Saiful Hidayat by 15 – 18 percent of the vote.

In the Thousand Islands, the chain of islands to the north of Jakarta)—where the controversy regarding the incumbent governor’s words sprung from—Ahok garnered 5,532 votes in the first round of the election, while Anies trailed with 4,851 votes. But the reverse happened in the second round with Anies on 8,796 votes (62 percent) while Basuki lagged with 5,391 votes (38 percent).

Slamet Ma’arif, the spokesperson for the Islam Defender Front (FPI), claimed that the change of leads occurred after their organization visited the islands as part of the campaign for Anies – Sandiaga. “Previously in The Thousand Islands Ahok had 1000 more votes. But in the second round, we were able to drew the sympathies of the people there,” said Ma’arif on Thursday (20/04), as quoted by Tribun Bali.

He has high hopes that Anies and Sandi will keep their campaign promises. “We wish that they can prove all their promises to build a better Jakarta,” he added. “And we always say to Pak Anies that he has to keep acknowledging [our country’s] diversity but without forgetting the Muslim majority in Jakarta.”

According to Kompas’ quick count, Ahok only managed to garner 42 percent of the votes while Anies led with 58 percent.

Generally, the DKI Jakarta Gubernatorial Election went smoothly. Tito Karnavian, Head of the Indonesian Police, reported that the police were able to control the mass mobilization of people from outside the capital.

Tribun Bali also reported that yesterday around 9.30am Ahok had received a visit from his successor at Jakarta City Hall, Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan, Gambir, Central Jakarta.

Businessman Erwin Aksa, part of Anies’ team who played a role in him winning the campaign, and nephew of Vice President Jusuf Kalla, also attended and he shared what took place in the meeting, which was sprinkled with some friendly banter.

“Ahok joked that with him as governor there would be too many demonstrations; so it’s better with Anies won,” Drewing laughter from other people in the meeting.

Erwin said that there was no tension during the meeting, but one of the important points that they did discuss was uniting the citizens of Jakarta after the divisive election. “The reconciliation of the supporting team and synchronization of programs were the main topic of discussion,” he continued.

The Bosowa Corporation CEO remarked that the meeting of the two figures revealed their leadership qualities. “It shows Ahok’s sportsmanship, and there’s goodwill from Anies, so it all meshes perfectly. We want to send out a message to everyone, especially to the supporters, about the importance of maintaining unity.”