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A new trend according to Berita Bali, is foreign tourists coming to Bali not only staying in starred hotels or villas with expensive room rates, but also now staying in boarding houses (kos kosan) with a cheap monthly rental price.

This was recently disclosed by Head of Badung Police Unit of Pamong Praja (Pol PP), I Gusti Agung Ketut Suryanegara.

“We have often monitored many (foreign tourists) who live in boarding house rooms. We have a lot of data and often report this to the team of PORA (supervision of foreigners),” he explained.

From the results of the data collected there are many foreign tourists staying in kos kosan in ​​Kuta, Canggu, Pecatu, and Jimbaran.

“Many are boarding in people’s homes, but usually in the name of their female friends. They are living in boarding houses for the cost of Rp 1.5 million per month. In Kuta many live in boarding houses for Rp 500 thousand a month. In Pecatu there are also a lot, usually Caucasians who like to surf, living in rooms for Rp 800 thousand per month,” he explained.

“In Kuta we came across a boarding house with 10 rooms available and eight were inhabited by Caucasians. In Canggu there is even one room occupied by 12 people with a tariff of Rp 70 thousand per night, shared bathroom and mostly Caucasians – the Chinese a more likely to rent villas,” he said. (Lucky Chinese. Ed)

Related to this phenomenon, Suryanegara stated that they will make efforts to control the administration of these people by involving the Team PORA.

“If any visa violations are found they will be reported to immigration. The PORA team can follow up further,” he said.

  • M Carafino

    Who writes this garbage reporting? The Chinese are cheapest of all cultures, they have been setting up new room rentals to house the illegally working Chinese citizens doing wedding and photography work on the island. The Chinese have signs on the front of small buildings that read “186 room rental”, it is famous in China as a crap hotel room. Please get your facts correct and advise the police to stop wasting police resources checking on white tourist living in kos, when the police should be catching all the Indonesian criminals raping, robbing and stealing in all the tourist areas. The only thing that remains untouched in Bali is the Sunset and Surf, everything else has gone to the extreme definition of ghetto.

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