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Image: Red Carpet Seminyak. Credit: Google Debnath. 

An Australian man, Nathan Mark Ryan, 44, was glassed at a Seminyak nightclub last Sunday night and is still in hospital, but now in a stable condition.

According to Australian press, things got out of hand when Ryan was offered a drink from a British man, Alasdair Ross, 36, in Red Carpet on Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak at around 11pm, Sunday night. Ryan’s lawyer, Yanuar Nahak, told News Corp that he refused the offered drink as he already had one, which apparently upset the British man, who then smashed the glass on the table and shoved into the side of Ryan’s head.

However according to local press accounts, and a quoted police report, Ryan’s friend, accidently bumped into the man, which then caused the altercation.

“Sunday night, the victim and his friend went to Red Carpet to eat and drink. When they sat down next to the Englishman’s table, one of them accidentally nudged the man’s hand, who immediately took a glass from the table and hit the victim with the glass twice to the left side of his head,” explained North Kuta Inspector Androyuan Elim to reporters on Thursday (02/07/2019).

Meanwhile, the victim’s friend immediately reported the perpetrator who was living temporarily on Jalan Bumbak Umulas to the North Kuta Police.

Based on the police report, members of the North Kuta Police immediately went to the scene and at around 1am the perpetrator was arrested without resistance.

“The perpetrator was arrested a few hours after the incident and continues in custody,” Elim said.

According to a source, Mr Ryan is still in hospital and in a stable condition.

  • Mike

    Glassing someone is the lowest form of aggression. Maiming someone for life like that is disgusting and despicable. That guy whoever he is, is an animal and should be jailed for a long time in Bali and then deported back to where he came from and never walk the streets of Bali again. Totally disgusting and reprehensible.

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