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Image: Passengers escaping the ferry. Credit: Twitter. @djplkemenhub151.

Passengers on a ferry arriving at Padang Bay last night had the shock of their lives as the ship suddenly listed to one side as it was trying to dock at the pier.

The ferry, KMP Dharma Rucita, had just arrived from Lembar, Lombok carrying a load of trucks, cars, motorbikes and a total of 60 passengers.

Witnesses say the ferry first had trouble about 30 minutes from Padang Bay when water began entering the vehicle deck. Drivers began to head to the upper decks as water reached 3 – 5 cm high.

As the ferry was approaching the vehicle ramp at about 9.50pm it suddenly tilted to one side. The hull hit the bottom, which is suspected to have unbalanced the vehicles inside causing it to list. The engine also failed and the ship was stuck approximately four meters from Pier II.

Passengers, who according to witnesses were already panicking as they docked, quickly began jumping off the ferry as all mayhem broke out.

Padang Bay Village Head, I Wayan Sudiarta, told the press witnesses said that the ferry had begun having problems 30 minutes before arriving at the port as water started to enter the parking deck.

“There were no casualties. The passengers panicked when the ship suddenly tilted. Thankfully, all passengers on the ship could be evacuated by police and other officers,” added Sudiarta.

This morning the ship is still lying listless near the pier. Head of Karangasem Basarnas told Bali Post that they will pull the ship out soon. “We are coordinating with Manggis Pertamina depot to use their tugs,” he said earlier today.

It is reported that trucks are now lined up from the port out to the main highway this morning as the shipping for large trucks in the port continues to be halted.

An investigation continues as to the cause of the accident.