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The Lombok earthquake on Sunday evening has caused three areas of major damage. The north of the island has been devastated, Mataram and Senggigi smashed and all three of the Gili islands have been hit hard, with evacuations of almost all tourists. Bali has felt some aftershocks, but all is well and functioning as usual. There was some slight damage around the island on Sunday evening, but nowhere near as much as Lombok. Bali is business as usual.

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Photos above are all from Lombok on Tuesday August 08

Well-known local expats and men of action, Trevor Chee and his Slamjam brothers have set up a field behind their project at Mentigi Bay, North Lombok where over a thousand local and now homeless villagers have set up temporary accommodation. There are many more people and villages in North Lombok in need of help and as quoted by a witness from Artha Graha Peduli – AGP, in the field, 50% of buildings have been destroyed and 80% of people in the north have lost their homes.  There are many more people also trying to help on the ground, but Seminyak Times is going to help this particular effort and we have great faith they will get the job going and done. One Chee brother has now just arrived to Lombok with water purifiers and the rest of their crew are on the way.

The people at Mentigi Bay have joined with Agung Siaga Yayasan, a charity group set up to help victims of the Mount Agung eruption and are now involved in helping victims in Lombok. They need funds to buy food, water & medicine, build temporary shelter structures, toilets and showers. Agung Siaga Yayasan

Meanwhile, yesterday, images began trickling in from the Gili Trawangan relief and evacuation of tourists and workers from the island and they weren’t looking very good. Besides nine vessels sent in by the SAR and disaster mitigation department to evacuate tourists, two ships from a local Bali company were put into humanitarian mode and sent to the Gilis with relief food and water and to pick up stranded people. They were the Bounty Cruise and Patagonia Express. We spoke to the secretary of the company in charge of those vessels, Ayuk for more details of what they are doing to help and what we can also do to help.

At 10am this morning the Patagonia left with supplies again and to pick up the remaining people who want to leave the three Gili islands.

Ayuk: We (MPA Bounty Cruises and Patagonia) transported about 1000 passengers from the three islands yesterday. For donations, we can receive donations in the form of food and drinks at the bounty cruises dock which will be forwarded to people in need.

ST: There was mention in the foreign press of people having to pay to get on board boats yesterday at Gili T, is that true?

Ayuk: The evacuations that we did with the Bounty Cruise and Patagonia vessels yesterday evening until this morning 6am were all FREE NO CHARGE. This is a humanitarian mission that we are doing to help the people stuck on the Gili Islands. People who want to make donations, please contact our staff at bounty cruises. Contact Rika at 085858385132, thank you.

Want to help? Check these contacts.

Agung Siaga Yayasan

Please make a cash donation through the website below. They accept PayPal or direct wire transfer to their Indonesian bank account. All details are on the website. There is also a Go Fund page set up for those who need that.

Go Fund page

PAYPAL Address:

BANK Account Number:
Account : 1350435111
Name: Muhammad Chaerulsyah Gunawan
Swift Code: CENAIDJA

Sending goods to Gili Islands and Lombok via Bounty Cruises and Patagonia

Contact Rika at 085858385132

Blue Water Cruises are also doing their bit. For those wanting to send items such as blankets, tents, medicine, pillows, TARPS, preserved food products, tuna cans, mie goreng, mattresses, toys and crayons They have setup a drop off point where we will collect all items. A boat has been arranged to transport these items to Lombok.  Blue Water Cruises office on jl Dewi Sri:

Tomorrow, Wednesday August 8 at 3pm there will be a gathering at the Horse Monument (Patung Kuda) near Denpasar Airport for people wanting to help the situation in North Lombok. This has been organized by Yayasan Sekar Wangi and they have asked people to bring/buy water, food with long expiration date, blankets, pillows, clothes and whatever you think could help them out.

A message from Florie Valensi, board member of Agung Siaga Yayasan. The foundation is a 50/50 local and expat charity group.

Just a quick message to express my gratitude to you all. I’m always very touched when people come together to do something. We are already working hard and keep on working in the field. We will use all our power and energy to bring people comfort and shelter. Your financial and other efforts are so appreciated.

Endri EF & his team from Lombok Forgotten Children Foundation are providing supplies to people in the villages. They are doing an amazing job. Check out his Facebook page.

FOOD & CLOTHING DROP. Segara Island Cargo in Serangan is planning a cargo trip to Lombok and is asking all friends and residents of Serangan to assist their marine friends in their hour of real need. Please deliver clothing and canned food to the SIC office and they will sort and prepare for transport to their friends in Lombok. Drop off point – Jalan Punggawa No 15 (on the terrace), SERANGAN.


Please let us know of any other initiatives to help in Lombok or the Gilis that are doing good things.