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Image: Canggu Beach. Credit: FB. The Beat Canggu.

Even though tourism has increased greatly in the Canggu area in the past few years, and with it the local economy, politicians representing the area say tourism facilities remain inadequate. They have asked the government to take steps to manage the tourism areas of Canggu to encourage more tourists to come to the area.

Badung Regional Representative (DPRD), Gede Aryanta, said to on Friday that there are now many tourists coming to Canggu and with them have come many hotels, restaurants, bars and night venues. Unfortunately, the supporting facilities are lacking, such as street lights, which are still inadequate in many areas.

“The tourists like to walk to the beach, even at night time, but the street lights are inadequate in several areas. The road width in some parts is also narrow, which often causes traffic jams,” he said. He asked the government to pay attention to these conditions to also avoid criminal activity in the area.

“They have to manage all of this, starting from the beach, additional street lights and a guarantee of security for the visiting tourists,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Head of Badung Tourism Board, I Made Badra, said that his department already has a plan drawn to manage the tourism infrastructure at Canggu and Berawa beach areas and the Badung Public Works and Spatial Planning (PUPR) Board has technically studied the plan, too. So, the realization will only be a matter of time.

“Badung PUPR Board has studied the plan to manage the Berawa Beach area and the construction of the supporting infrastructures. Please be patient a little bit longer,” he said.

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  • David stevens

    I am a bali lover,,but cangu does not grab me..seems neglecyed ..definitely needs work…can the change the dand they cant nut tidy beach and approach to it so untidy…and more loghting needed…went dowm to neach and vpuld not wait to leave wad dezerted .gelt unsafe

  • Dave

    Part of the problem is Canggu community itself. Ever tried getting taxi’s in and out from your areas without confrentation, thuggery and marfiesto type practices. Can’t close it up and then expect honest tourism at the same time. I avoid it like a plague.

  • Mark

    True. I brought my family to live here but after 1 year am looking to move. Narrow streets are impassable, everyone parks and does what they want with no consequence or police presence so just going to store is difficult. Pace of building not regulated or supported with proper infrastructure. Rice fields disappearing and no road improvement appearing. At least fix cracks so people can walk, put up lights and stop allowing people to throw garbage wherever they want, especially in streams where it ends up at beach. Make shop owners responsible for cleaning up their storefronts. When you come to canggu, it appears there is no management or anyone in control…I rarely see police and have never seen them enforce anything.

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