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A Bali fashion designer, N, 57, was arrested by Denpasar narcotics agents on Saturday. He was arrested at his house in the Perenenan area of Canggu, after officers found 22 cannabis plants and seedlings in pots.

“The man said that he bought the seeds in Kuta, but didn’t know the seller. He then planted them in his house. He is a fashion designer,” said the Head of Denpasar Polres, Commissioner Hadi Purnomo to in his office on Tuesday.

The police also secured 9.57 grams of marijuana leaves, stalks and seeds, which were stored in a jar.

“He said that he grew the bushes for his own use, not to be sold to other people,” he added.

The suspect has violated Article 111 paragraph 2 of Indonesian Law Number 35 of 2009 in regard to narcotics, and if proven guilty, is looking at a sentence between 5 to 20 years in jail.