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Image: The way it used to be not long ago. Credit: Hu’u Bar. 2015.

Three businesses in Badung were summoned to Satpol PP headquarters yesterday for apparent breaches over the weekend to the health protocols set within the PPKM restrictions.

The lack of protocol enforcement at the beach side venues was spotlighted on social media, because many tourists (actually better said, many locals and foreigners, mostly long term residents of Bali. Ed) were not wearing masks.

According to information obtained, the companies that were called were in three Badung sub-districts, including Pecatu, South Kuta sub-district, Batubelig, North Kuta district and Seminyak, Kuta district.

Head of Satpol PP Badung, IGAK Suryanegara, told reporters that unfortunately one from the three businesses did not show up at the meeting.

“When discussed, the management of the two businesses admitted their mistakes,” he said.

The two managements were directed to make a statement letter saying they would not repeat their actions again during the restrictions period.

Meanwhile, the business that did not come will be called again to ask for information.

From the results of the examination of the two businesses, they admitted that they had indeed neglected to maintain the protocols strictly and had created a crowd, however, they also claimed to have implemented health protocols such as providing a place to wash hands, installing keep your distance signs, and confirming the mandatory use of masks for every visitor.

“Maybe it was caused by the lack of discipline of the visitors. At the entrance there appeared to be discipline, but once inside it seemed that the discipline immediately faded,” the Satpol boss added.

On that basis, the bureaucrat from Denpasar also asked the two businesses to sign a statement stating that the business would not repeat their actions and if a similar incident recurred in the future, the authorities were willing to take firm action.

“The ramifications would include closing the operation for a week and they would be subject to an administrative fine of Rp. 1 million rupiah according to the applicable regulations,” he explained.

Apart from summons from Satpol PP, Bali Police have also been involved in talking to venues.

According to Nusa Bali and many others on social media, the lack of discipline in implementing the protocols tends to be dominated by foreigners who are still in Bali.

“But we still call for effort. For the firmness of the implementation of the protocol program, we have made it clear if it is repeated, the venue will be closed for seven days and subject to fines,” the head of Satpol PP concluded.