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Image: Lion Air in the air again. Credit: Infobrand

Lion Air, Wings Air and Batik Air, members of Lion Air Group, start operating flights again today, June 10, 2020 to Bali and the rest of Indonesia and the region. Remember your swab test, or rapid test. According to a circular from Lion it appears the swab or rapid test is optional for some destinations. Corporate Communications of Lion Air Group, Danang Mandala Prihantoro, was quoted in Kompas yesterday saying passengers must have the rapid test with a validity period of three days, while the PCR has a validity period of up to seven days. The swab test is still the only valid test when arriving to Bali and we suggest checking with the airline prior to flying anywhere else.

AirAsia Indonesia has adjusted its plans again to re-operate flights to Bali in stages starting from June 19, 2020. AirAsia Indonesia President Director Veranita Yosephine Sinaga explained they were paying attention to the easing of travel restrictions and the development of positive cases in the Airasia network.

“We continue to monitor the situation and so far there has been no change in plans. Related to SE No. 7 of the Covid-19 Task Force, we are re-adjusting travel requirements and health protocols according to applicable regulations, including adjustments to Permenhub No. 42/2020 and SE No. 13 from the Ministry of Transportation,” she explained to

To begin with, there will be four flights a week from Bali to Jakarta; Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Bali-Jakarta at 1.50pm. Wearing a mask from start to finish is a prerequisite.

Restrictions on who can fly still apply.

The numbers released last night.

The cumulative number of positive cases of Covid-19 is now 608 people. Increasing by 14 Indonesian citizens; 2 PMI and 12 local transmission.

The number of patients who have recovered so far is 409 people. 32 healed people were added yesterday, consisting of 1 foreigner and 31 Indonesian citizens.

The number of patients who have died remains at 5 people.

Number of positive patients in care is now 193 people in 12 hospitals and quarantined in Bapelkesmas and BPK Pering.

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  • John

    Err no thanks

  • BaliRob

    The latest information is that Lion Air is currently in a spat with Governor Kostner who has ‘declined’ Lion Air traffic until the END OF JUNE. How disgraceful that differences of opinion can put EVERYBODY’S interests and wellbeing at risk – children does not cover it.

    Today my friend arrived at Jojja Airport only to find that her flight had been cancelled on the 8th inst. Lion told me that the passenger’s telephone number was out of action/order on that date. A BLATANT LIE – the Provider of her service confirmed that the number has been active continuously from before and since – SO WHO WAS TOO LAZY TO MAKE THE NECESSARY PHONE CALLS. Well this is now going to cost Lion Air very dear because the result of such idleness is going to cost much more than necessary expenditure incurred. They broke their contract with the paasenger and AT Rules by doing so by not providing alternative air transport. Don’t expect them to take off on 31st June because a Court Injunction is just what this company and the Governor’s Office needs at the moment.

    If anyone believes that His office has control – ask yourselves who was stupid enough to let 12 seafearers back to their village of Bangli to be trusted to self-quarantine themselves hahaha – the 34 NEW COVID-19 patients cannot be very pleased. AND yes, I know, they tested negative at Benoa – so have millions of others who still have the Virus.

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