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The Head of Bali’s Center for Statistics, Adi Nugroho, recently revealed that the Balinese’s Happiness Index in 2017 reached 72.48  on a scale of 0 – 100, higher than the average happiness index of Indonesians in general which clocked in at 70.69

“Bali’s Happiness Index in 2017 is a composite of three dimensions, which are Life Satisfaction [34,80 percent], Emotion [31.18 percent], and Life Meaning [34.02 percent],” said Nugroho, as quoted by Antara.

This year’s Happiness Index showed a 2.17 point increase since the year 2014 when they started measuring the happiness index. On its own, each dimension contributed large numbers on the happiness scale: the life satisfaction index is 72.40; the emotional dimension index is 71.17; and the life meaning is 73.27. (All indexes are measured from a scale of 0 – 100.)

According to Nugroho, the highest indicators behind the Balinese’s happiness is satisfaction regarding security (80.16), a subdimension of social life satisfaction. Meanwhile, the lowest indicator is education and skills (63.75), a subdimension of personal life satisfaction. Other indicators that rest below 70 include jobs, business, main activity, and household income.

On the emotional front, the highest indicators are feelings of happiness and cheerfulness in going through daily lives (72.58), while the lowest is anxiety (68.37). In the Life Meaning dimension, the highest indicators are life purpose (76.23) and conversely the lowest is self-development (67.73).

The index concluded that in general the Balinese people are quite optimistic about their future with a rating of 76.23, while in terms of self-development through education and acquiring skills they are less optimistic, with a score of 61.73.