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Image: Beautiful Legian Beach. Credit. @asiawebdirect

Work on the beach erosion around Badung Provence is planned to begin in 2019. However, the Legian Desa Adat (Council) has refused the idea to dump additional sand on Legian Beach and they want to keep the beach the same as it is now.

The Chief of Village Assets of the Legian Council, (BP3AD), Made Sada, said on Monday that Legian residents want the beach to stay natural. Sada, who was accompanied by the Chief of Legian Council Beach Management (PPDAL), Wayan Suarta, said that the shallow sand of the beach is a point of attraction and one of the reasons tourists like to visit the area.

Besides, according to Sada, Legian Beach is special. Every time the beach is eroded, nature always recovers it. “When the plan was published approximately one year ago, we did not approve the sand addition plan on Legian Beach. We want the condition of Legian Beach to stay natural,” he said to

Sada is particularly worried that the sand dredging and dumping will influence the wave conditions because the other attraction of Legian Beach for many, besides the shallow sand and the sunset view, is the good surf that can be found along that stretch of beach.

Meanwhile, when this information was confirmed to the Chief of Bali Penida Rivers Office (BWS BP), Ketut Jayada, he said he was confused because there are some citizens that refused the sand addition plan, and others who approved it. He hoped that all of the citizens will fully support the beach consolidation project. “We don’t want this to be a controversy, when some of the citizens refuse the sand addition plan, while others expect it. We will do the best we can with this,” he said.

Jayada said that the Japanese aided project will be performed in 2019. His side will complete the planning this year. “This project will apply to all of Bali’s beaches. In my opinion, the local councils don’t need to spend money to create a temporary fix. It’s better they wait for it in 2019,” he added.