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Image: The Lebaran security post officially opened at the airport. Credit:

Ngurah Rai International Airport management, Angkasa Pura I, has recorded the lowest extra flight demand in the last three years with 216 extra flights ordered for this year’s Lebaran holidays. In 2018 there were 724 extra flights prepared.

Communications and Legal Section Head of Angkasa Pura I, Arie Ahsanurrohim, said they had only received extra flight orders this year from Batik Air and Air Asia. “We only received demands for 216 extra flights until this moment. This is a drop of 254 percent compared with last year’s data,” he said to while he inaugurated Lebaran security post at Ngurah Rai Domestic Arrival Terminal on Tuesday.

Arie explained that the drop didn’t affect anything on his side. He added that based on previous experience, the airlines won’t use all of the extra flight demands. Usually they only used 60 percent of total they ordered. “There is no effect for AP I. They are only demands and we provide slots to fulfill them. The airlines won’t use all of the demands,” he added.

Arie felt that there may be several factors that have influenced the drop. One of them was the present expensive domestic ticket prices, which may have caused tourists to cancel their plans to visit Bali. The other factor was Ngurah Rai Airport traffic. Last month, the number of domestic tourist arrivals dropped nine percent and the Lebaran holidays are dominated by domestic tourists.

“The demands would be adjusted based on necessities. The airlines calculated their needs based on their recent history, traffic and analysis. They didn’t want to make a loss and only submitted the demands based on necessities. That’s what they did at this moment,” he concluded.

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  • Dave

    Indonesian/bali tourist dept have their heads firmly buried in the sand,,
    Because Bali has been so popular they figured they can keep ..bringing in New taxes…entry /exit fees..over stay fee tripled ….and ignore the rubbish everywhere..dorty savage dogs ..fraud and local scammers /rip off ..including the Cops…every where..
    Lots of people .including Not going back till they realise they have ruined a great get away..


    MR Dave ..I don’t know how you can make statements without facts.. facts are no new exit/entry fees have been introduced.. overstay fee of 1 juta a day.. yes is tripled but nothing to do with Bali.. this is a nation wide initiative. Which i agree with 100%.. the rest of your statements .. well Bali has always been like that.. it’s just getting worse as the foreign tourists are getting cheaper and more stingy

  • Wilbur

    So people who do not like to be ripped off are stingy hay?
    Take a reality check mate

  • C

    I do not necessarily agree with you Bob Balik. The tourists don’t get stingy, it is the board of tourism who has opened that door and also starts to attract with their prices and their offered a complete new market . Many parts of bali was always “ cheap and cheerful” this is part of Bali’s history yet the crowd that actually showed growth is not that particular crowd . The luxury hotels are increasing significantly and that shows that there is a demand but with the certain market opened the “ wrong “ tourists make their ways to Bali . This shows clearly on the traffic since now many more buses are on the roads including Seminyak where in my humble opinion, buses don’t fit in the roads and only hinder the already not so good traffic even more . Luxury guests do not travel in buses . So the tourists are not getting stingy , the wrong market come to bali .

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