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After more heavy rains last night all around Bali, another landslide in Kintamani this morning has claimed the life of a resident of Desa Subaya named Ni Siman.

The incident took place in the Yeh Tangga region, Desa Subaya. Nyoman Diantara, the village chief, confirmed that the landslide occurred at around 8am, and still till now the victim has yet to be recovered. Making the evacuation process more difficult is the fact that a huge rock had fallen on top of the victim, and access to Yeh Tangga is cut off because the bridge that leads to the area was swept away by floods.

Meanwhile, numerous landslides that have occurred in the Singaraja area and caused massive traffic jams since Friday night, and the gridlock is reportedly still happening this morning.

There were 11 landslides in Desa Gitgit, Sukasada Region, and its surrounding areas. The Sukasada police have been deployed to reroute the flow of vehicles from Singaraja to Denpasar.
The police have closed the main roads and directed vehicles to take alternative roads. Gede Arya Wibawa, Sukasada Police Chief, says that they have diverted the traffic to Pupuan (Tabanan) or via the Singaraja – Gilimanuk route. Other alternatives are taking the road at Desa Selat that leads to Desa Asah Gobleg.

Last night’s storm was massive in south Bali, but the weather is looking better this morning and we all hope it stays that way. Ed.