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Image: The woman trying to escape. Credit: Social media

Security at the Gooseberry Intimates store on Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak, (Eats Street) prevented a foreign woman from running away after she was caught stealing three pieces of underwear on Saturday afternoon. The attempted escape was recorded by a local resident standing out front of the store, which went viral after he posted the video on social media.

The recordings show the foreign woman, wearing a red dress at that time, trying to escape the store, but the security held the store front door shut with his hand. Then the foreign woman kicked the door until security (and someone else out front) released the handle of the door and the woman could get out from the store. Meanwhile, three of her friends were still inside the store trying to solve the issue with the store employees.

“She often came here,” said a source to It was also claimed by the source that she tried to steal three pairs of underwear with the total price of Rp 698,000. The price of the panties was Rp 199,000 and the bra was Rp 499,000. The employee found two pieces of underwear in her bra. “She stole the peach ones and stored them in her bra. Maybe the third one was in her own panties, because we could only find two pieces of underwear,” said the source.

To avoid any further problems, her friends paid for one piece of underwear that was lost. The suspect chose to run away and left her friends to sort it out.

Apparently the store management chose not to report the crime to police. “We haven’t received any report about this incident,” said the Head of Kuta Polsek Criminal Investigation Unit, First Inspector I Putu Ika Prabawa, on Monday.