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Image: Mataram Immigration Office. Credit: Google.

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) police searched and collected documents at Mataram Immigration Office on Wednesday after they arrested the Head of Mataram Immigration, Kurniadie SH, MH, and two other officers on Tuesday morning.

The search was conducted by four KPK officers at 2.30pm and they were accompanied by several NTB Polda officers. The office was quiet when they searched and collected documents as immigration officers were breaking their fast and the search was conducted after working hours.

Previously, there was a large banner that displayed the head of immigration with a slogan of “Say No to Corruption” but the banner had been removed when KPK came to the location. “They removed it because it was the Head of Immigration himself who was corrupted,” said a witness to BeritaBali.

Kurniadie was arrested by the KPK on Tuesday at around 2am at his home in Mataram. They also arrested the Head of Intelligence and Enforcement (Inteldakim), Yusriansyah Fuhrin, a Civil Officer Investigator (PPNS), Ayyub Abdul Muqsitt, and five private businessmen. They were arrested related to bribery case of stay permits of two foreigners who stayed at Sundancer, Sekotong area, West Lombok.

At around 10pm, KPK officers left the offices and brought several pieces of baggage and backpacks to a car and left.