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Image: Tourists will be charged a fee when going to Nusa Penida. Credit:  

Klungkung District Government plans to charge a fee soon to foreign tourists who go to Nusa Penida. Klungkung Regent, I Nyoman Suwirta, and Tourism Board officers will meet fast boat and other transport owners to socialize the decision today, Monday.

“We will socialize it on Monday as the final step in the process,” said the Head of Klungkung Tourism Board, I Nengah Sukasta, to on Sunday. “We hope we could apply the regulation to charge the fee to foreign tourists who go to Nusa Penida this month.”

The fee will be charged as a recreational area retribution, which is regulated by Klungkung District Regional Regulation number 5 of 2019 about Recreational and Sport areas. Every adult foreign tourist will be charged Rp 25,000, while children will be charged Rp 15,000. The fee will be charged on arrival at all Nusa Penida ports.

There hasn’t been any fee charged before to Nusa Penida and the Klungkung District Government targeted Rp 7 billion for the regional coffers from the expected 543,979 tourist visits in 2019. The money gathered will be used to build infrastructure on the island.

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  • Dave

    Another Fee/Tax..Why ypu say?..Because we can…to wring the Bules dry…trouble is the Bules are getting fed up with it..its becoming MOT a cheap family holiday destination any more…if they were to use the money to CLEAN UP ALL THE RUBBISH..but for all the Nrw fees nothong seems to change except some local bamk accounts..
    This Bule is finished with Bali…
    Too much rubbish..corruption.scams..vicious dogs and Hypocrisy..

  • bob Clinton

    Have to agree , corruption and rubbish everywhere its getting worse

  • gabrielbali

    Good idea – if they really invest the money in infrastructure!

  • Peter

    Have to agree with Dave & Bob … We all know were this money is going to end up, but certainly not in solutions for waste disposal or infrastructure.

  • Aegisint

    Interesting to read the comments above claiming outrage at the new fees. If you had read the article you would see that the charge is US$2.00 and US$1.00 for each adult and child. Hardly going to break the bank for any tourists, I suspect even bogan backpackers could spare half a Bintang for this.

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