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Image: Kerobokan Prison entrance. Credit ST.

Bali National Narcotics Agency (BNNP) officers arrested a prison warden with the initial of T after he allegedly tried to bring drugs into Kerobokan prison on Saturday morning. The police secured 690 ecstasy pills that were claimed to belong to one of the prisoners.

A witness told that the BNNP had targeted the suspect for a long time. They suspected that he brought drug packages with him when he was on and off duty. “The suspect was a prison warden, that’s why he could move the packages easily. He has been targeted for some time,” said the witness on Sunday.

Bali BNNP received a tip-off that there were drug packages arriving to the prison soon.

“We were waiting in front of the prison since morning (Saturday),” he added. When the suspect wanted to enter the prison at 6.30am, the officers saw that he brought a package. They detained him right away, and after trying to resist arrest, they managed to subdue the man and opened the package. They found hundreds of ecstasy pills inside the package.

“Police arrested him in front of the prison. They found him in possession of 690 ecstasy pills,” the witness said.

They brought the man to the Bali BNNP office for further questioning. While interrogated, he admitted that the pills belonged to one of the prisoners and he only delivered the package to the prisoner. “He claimed that he only acted as a courier,” the witness explained.

The Head of Bali BNNP, General Brigade Putu Gede Suastawa, confirmed the case to the media on Sunday evening. He said that police were still investigating the case.

“Please be patient and I hope we can solve this case as soon as possible,” he concluded.