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625 fully armed personnel from the Bali Police and BNNP raided Kerobokan Prison on Tuesday night (18/7).

“We arrived at 7.15 pm and directly began sweeping the prison’s 14 blocks. The operation was over by 9pm,” explained Bali Police Brigadier General Alit Widana to Tribune Bali.

The one-star general added that they had found what they were looking for in the cell blocks.

24 mobile phones, 16 sharp weapons, mobile charger devices, two suspected marijuana packets, a package of suspected shabu shabu with four bongs and three ecstasy pills.

“Evidence has been taken to Badung police headquarters for analysis. The investigation will continue,” he said.

Brig. Alit said that the sweeping operation was done to break the narcotics circulation between the prison and networks outside.

“Our main goal was actually to find communication tools, so that prisoners inside cannot communicate with the outside networks,” he said.

Image: Southeast Asia Globe

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  • Bob Nicksic

    exactly my question as well…if they didn’t find a bunch of heroin, and a bunch of gear, and arak – and homemade hooch fermenting in aqua bottles – it means they weren’t there to sweep the place, they were there to make a delivery!

  • Cyril Terrien

    Everyone has a phone, inside, and drugs…

    • Josch Brunner

      good that u tell the world

    • Cyril Terrien

      The world maybe don’t know, the police does. That’s why they do checking once in a while…

  • Kees A. Valk

    never a rest, always getting waked up in my cell

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