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Image: Kedonganan market looking rather disheveled. Credit: ST

The biggest fish market in Bali, which is now managed by the local Kedonganan council (Desa Adat), is set to be renovated soon.

Kedonganan village head, Ketut Puja confirmed to NusaBali on Wednesday (17/1) that the now near dilapidated fish market is becoming dire. Structural infrastructure, like parking, waste water management, and the market buildings are all planned to be overhauled.

Relating to the renovation, the Kedonganan council has coordinated with, and also received support from, the Bali and Badung governments. It is said the improvements are for both local businesses and Bali tourism.

It was also stated that the markets will be raised from the ground with three or four floor structure and the aim is to have a comfortable, beautiful and hygienic markets in the future.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Badung Department of Fisheries, Putu Oka Swandiana said that they had handed over the management of the market to the Kedonganan council, but the Badung and Bali governments will continue to aid in funds and expertise on the renovation of the fish markets.

Ed. There wasn’t a start date in the original article.