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The growth rate in foreign tourist arrivals to Bali has been declining since March 2019. June 2019 was one of the worse growth rates, month to month, compared to May 2019 since records began.

According to the Head of Bali Statistic Center Board (BPS), Agus Gede Hendrayana Hermawan, S.E., M.Si., foreign tourist arrivals during June 2019 only increased 1 percent when compared with May 2019. This was the worst growth rate for June in recent years, with June 2018 reaching 8 percent and June 2017, reaching a 20 percent growth from the previous month.

“We have to learn from this to prevent something like it happening again in the future. If the foreign tourist visits dropped, the local economy, which is so dependent on tourism, will drop too. This is why the economy growth has declined if compared with the second quarter of 2018,” he said to on Monday.

He explained that Bali economic growth in the first quarter of 2019 reached 5.8 percent (yoy). The growth was slightly worse than the growth during the first quarter of 2018, which reached 5.82 percent. Meanwhile, the growth in the second quarter of 2019 was stated to be 5.64 percent and when compared with the second quarter of 2018, the gap has widened, with the second quarter of 2018 reaching 6.25 percent.

“For the first time since 2010, foreign tourist arrivals growth was in the negative. Foreign tourist visits dropped 4.85 percent during the second quarter of 2019. This was the first time. Generally, foreign tourist visits to Bali increased during the second quarter,” he added. If it was compared qtq, the growth of Bali economy in the second quarter of 2019 increased, because the growth on the first quarter of 2019 was already down at only 3.04 percent.

Besides tourism, the biggest growth category in the Bali economy during the second quarter of 2019 was the trading sector, which reached 10.97 percent yoy, followed by the government sector at 7.99 percent. “The growth of the financial sector was already good, the agriculture and industry sectors were also good, but the decline of the service sector dragged down the growth because of foreign tourist visits dropping,” he concluded.

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  • Michael

    Bad for the people, good for the environment

  • Jeff

    I think a key reason, from visitors from Europe we have had staying with us (friends and relatives) is the filth. They are absolutely shocked by the rubbish strewn everywhere.

    Several have said it would put them off coming back – if it wasn’t for the free accommodation with us!

    We do walks locally and the rubbish at the side of the roads is disgusting. When will the Indonesians learn that not disposing of their rubbish properly is going to impact on tourism?

  • Jim McManus

    Of course they have as Bali has been allowed to decline into a cess pool of crime and corruption.
    Arguably the worst traffic in the world .rampant inflation the decline of tourism from Europe and an epidemic of drugs which are decimating the local population.
    Filth and detritus everywhere, bag snatching,ATM Scamming,Villa robberies,and unsafe areas after dark .
    Women being bashed and Japanese elderly Tourists robbed and hospitalised .
    Absurd high rise building from dark money when the traditional hight was a coconut tree!
    Why on earth would tourists come to Bali when it means waiting hours iin uncontrolled traffic ,sky high prics compared to other destinations in SE Asia.
    Heart broken !

  • David Stevenson

    I am a 14 holidays to Bali person,,
    But am thinking twice now wethet i go again,,
    ▪Too much rubbish everywhere.
    ▪Have been feeling more Anti bule sentiment .
    ▪too many new tourist charges,,
    Usd 500 entry to kimodo island.
    One million rp per day if overstay.
    Usd 10 per person entry and exit charge.

    Its getting too expensive for a lot of tourists,,
    Bali governor getting too Greedy ,,if its stopping me coming back ,a person dedicated to my Bali holidays always a month at a time, what is it doing to first timers and families on a Budget.

    Now i,m looking at alternatives,,

  • David

    I agree with the above comments, but I am a true Baliite I have been over 26 times traveling from Finland but now the flights and accommodation prices are rising dramatically. We would normally be coming twice per year but now its not financially viable. The waste problem is slowly but surely being dealt with, with groups like Trash heroes but the y are self funded and get no help from the state. Its time for the ruling bodies to to realise which side their bread is buttered on. You need speculate to accumulate. And unfortunately they don’t really get it, they love the cash we bring in but do not want to improve the situation. It seems for me that it’s take take take and nothin In return.

  • Peter Mulholland

    Came to Bali with pleasure for 30+ years, however the changing of environment, heavy traffic, definitely anti Bule sentiment among the Balinese, rising crime rate, dishonest villa/land owners and ofcourse the enormous environmental pollution, has chased me away

  • Noel Mulligan

    The wait at the airport can be ridiculous – very poor management planning and organisation. If 6 planes are coming in together there needs to be 6 luggage carousels open and a large number of immigration desks open. Friends now go elsewhere because of that. And yes, the rubbish is a very big issue.

  • Ellen Foster-Taylor

    No infrastructure, no sanitation, filthy roads and beaches, corruption, rip offs everywhere’s, unbelievable traffic congestion, and island based on greed. I ask the Governor, “why would anyone want to go there?”

  • Sino

    You should be happy growth is slowing… there is a real,danger that tourist will start to avoid Bali…. getting more and more expensive, extremely busy, a lot of garbage still everywhere, and a lot of the same in many beach areas…
    Clean up your act, be less Greedy government and treat the tourists to a unique Bali experience.

  • Karen L Adam

    I have been coming to Bali for 30 years. One cannot expect the same standards in a developing country as in the developed world. One comes to Bali to see its culture- music, art, dance, and the everyday life of the genuinely beautiful people who live there. Some people see only the garbage in the garbage can and completely miss the perfect rose sitting at the top. There is so much beauty in Bali if you have eyes to see it. Even if prices have risen, Bali is still a bargain destination.

  • Vicki Jones

    Fix up the rubbish, throwing your rubbish where you like is not on. It is 2019. Fix up streets, footpaths, traffic congestion. Fix up/streamline entry lines after arriving at airport – takes way too long to get through to collect your baggage.

  • Fiona

    I was there for the first two weeks of June and it seemed just as busy as ever but on the other hand I won’t go back there at that time of year again as local celebrations meant most families were away at their villages for at least two weeks for ramadan and services were limited as a result.

  • markit54

    I’ve been here for 10 year so have had a bit of experience. I just had visitors that remarked how much cleaner it is that 15 years ago when she first came!? The massive mistake that most tourists make is to believe the rubbish written A) by the Australian “press” B) Rubbish written on TripAdvisor C) to think that “Bali” is only between the Airport and Seminyak – that’s only about 2% of the island and overrun with all things bad. Also stay away from Ubud – it ain’t the “cultural heart” of Bali but it sure does have high prices and a load of knock-off Gucci hand bags and DVDs. Go east/north/west but stay away from the south!

  • Peter Pan

    I hope the Governor reads these comments

  • Robin H. Beeson

    The simple fact is that Tourists are not made welcome as in other exotic countries. Can this Government not understand the correlation YOY (USING THEIR CLEVER TALK) between the rising cost of living in Bali and the falling off in visitor numbers?? Also, Indonesia is now becoming known as allowing damaging idealism and that is worrying a lot of people in the outside world. Like all of us ex-pats living here – we desperately want the best for local children especially in education and health – visitors are not blind and they see the inequalities everwhere.

    • michael smith jr.

      They need to embrace electric vehicles and electric bikes, or even mid size mini bus / tukruk like they have in thailand.
      hop on hop off. It will be quieter and cleaner. the city councils need to manage rubbish collection and severely punish illegal dumping and that stinky “plastic burning” they do , the plan approvals for buildings must be much stricter and approved by 3 different agencies. Ban all illegal workers/expats and do strict controls. set rules in place and enforce them.
      Set one-way roads to handle the traffic better. Set an entry tax for 30day visa.

      also stop taking containers full of rubbish coming from Australia.

  • David

    We just came back from a month in Bali and wow the rubbish and traffic is crazy, we spent so much time traffic travelling. We have been going since 95 and the last trip was in 2016. I have never seen it this bad. Also, the prices and fees have defiantly gone up too. We spent a week in Lombok and will be going there, clean beaches and much more relaxing.

    • Caro

      Bali was always such a beautiful place to travel to but it is being ruined by overpricing and overcrowding with too many tourists disrespecting the culture for a snap happy holiday. They have a total disregard for the Balinese beauty or people.

  • Bule

    Cancelled two trips this year to Bali ,30 days in total. Cost to the local economy 10k.
    A regular visitor to the island previously , Why ? Just got way too crowded , Aussie $ down 10% on previous year. Pollution, rubbish & traffic major issue, seen the good & bad of Bali life. For me ,Just not worth the hassle anymore.

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