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The intersection in question. (Google Earth).

The owner of the land in the middle of the By Pass Road widening project on Simpang Jimbaran (Unud – McDonalds – Pizza Hut traffic light), has insisted that they won’t accept Rp. 1 billion per are offered by the government.

They want the price adjusted to the same amount as the land at the Simpang Tugu Ngurah Rai Underpass project, which has garnered Rp. 2 billion per are.

One of the land owners, Wayan Sutama, told on Thursday that the owners involved felt like they were being left out, as the appraisal team never discussed with them about the land price. They just came and gave us the land price approval statement letter.

The government has extended the deadline to sign the agreement letter to December 25, 2017. But, the land owners say they won’t sign the letter, and will be waiting for a better offer. But, having said that, they also insist that while the government must adjust the price, they also support the government program.

“We just want the land price to be adjusted. The appraisal team was not fair when setting the price. They never discussed anything with us. They just sent this letter and we feel that this is not fair,” Sutama said.

He said that his land impacted by the project was around 90m2 (or less than 1 are). But the total would be six are, because the rest of his land is still under contract from Pizza Hut and he would have to return the money that was already paid by Pizza Hut.

“We have a plan to meet the vice-regent to handle this problem. We will appeal this in court if the appraisal team sticks to this price,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Badung Road Works Dept, Sang Nyoman Oka Pramana, stated that they are now prepared to buy the land for the Simpang Jimbaran project. “We wanted to administer the compensation on December 18. The mentioned date, December 25, is for the last budget payment,” he said.

He said that they have followed the applicable laws, where it states that they can prepare an appeal if the land owners do not approve the land price set. “The appraisal price is final, no one can interfere with it. The appraisal team has set the price to Rp. 10 million per square meter. If the land owner does not approve, then they can appeal,” he said.

The project at Simpang Jimbaran will widen the road from Kuta to Nusa Dua approx. two meters on the right side of the road. The center section will also move to the right. The length of the project is 200 meters and will take 4.9 are of land to complete.